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Infographics - The benefits and how to use them?

Infographics - The benefits and how to use them?

In digital marketing, video often gets the most attention, however infographics have been doing much of the heavy lifting for brands over the years to drive engagement across all platforms.

Two thirds of marketers now regular use infographics and they are the forth most used format, but what makes them so valuable?

Showcase proficiency

Displaying thought prowess is one of the high priority objectives that brands target when deploying content marketing campaigns. Infographics are great for achieving this goal as they allow you to put forward facts, stats and snippets of information within a visually appealing and engaging image format that can increase the credibility of your brand.

Publishing a series of infographics with insights that can actually help brands drive players to deposit such as:

  • How to buy Bitcoin?

  • What does RTP mean?

  • How do slot games work?

This helps you to move potential players through the relevant funnels, build trust and keep them at your brand.

Give your ready easy steps to follow

As great as a wall of written text can be to communicate a point eloquently, images and text can do a far better job at directing people to complete actions. Research by Springer shows that people following directions are 323% more likely to take in and follow what is being presented when there is text and images.

This makes them perfect for the three options above, and the reason why you should plan to invest in infographic based content in 2021.

Perfect for sharing

Using excellent design for your infographic that perfectly ties your branding with numbers and stats, coupled with compelling copy, will be more memorable than 4 straight paragraphs. In this use case, generally less is definitely more.

When your infographic is dispersed by fans and followers across all social media platforms, it increases your brands visibility and awareness, and align neatly with todays users wanting digestible bitesize content.

Perfect for SEO

There are other benefits to sharing. When people like, share and click on your infographics on social media, Google picks up on the ‘social signal’ and will see that your content is valuable, which can ultimately lead to better performance in search engines. Google’s algorithm is slewed heavily towards the ‘PageRank’ signal that measures the importance of webpages, so infographics can be very beneficial in this regard.

Generating more organic traffic is good

A compelling and well designed infographic is an excellent tool for driving more traffic to your brands strong evergreen pages, which is often the primary goal in content campaigns aiming to drive FTD’s. To reiterate a point, this is why it is important to always keep the audience in mind.

This means that you need to use the right keywords, tailor the content for the right demographics, and make sure to have a distribution plan in place to get you infographic in front of the right people.

Now that you know the myriad of benefits of infographics for your brand, you can start experimenting with different formats and considering how to optimise them correctly for SEO.

Optimise for SEO

If you’re already reading this, you will no doubt be familiar with some of the SEO best practices for blogs, well many of those same best practices translate over to infographics.

  • Aim to incorporate target keywords where possible.

  • Give your infographic a specific file name, not some jumble of letters and numbers followed by ‘.png’. Google will be using the file name to understand the context of the infographic.

  • Optimise the alt text as this adds further information for Google.

  • Alt descriptions for images should use a succinct normal sentence structure.

  • Optimise the URL (max 60 characters) and meta description (max 135-160 characters)

To learn more about infographics and what QWERTYlabs can do for your content campaigns and conversion, leave your information here and we will be happy to discuss further plans and options.

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